Historical centres

Asola - Historic center

This important town is located in the western part of the province of Mantova, 38 km far from the city and 42 Mt above the sea level, on the left bank of River Chiese.  […]

Bozzolo - town centre

The orthogonal maze of streets and the town walls evoke the presence of a junior branch of the Gonzaga family. About the important buildings of the period we find the  […]


Site of the ancient town of Bedriacum (II centuryB.C.), near which the famous battle took place between Otone and Vitellio (69 d.C.), the precious finds discovered there are housed in  […]

Canneto sull` Oglio, town centre

A gate and tower of the fortified village, bastion of the defensive system of the Gonzaga, still survive. Another old monument is the parish church of Saint Antony Abate (1390),  […]

Casalmaggiore – Historic center

For many years fought over by the duchies of Mantua, Milan and Venice, over the years, Casalmaggiore assumed the appearance of a fortified village, […]


Mentioned for the first time in official documents around the year 1010, it is believed that the  "CastrumDidonis" has existed since the times of the Longobardic king Liutprando. Not to  […]

Cella Dati

The village has been inhabited since the bronze age, as the finds from a settlement discovered during recent excavations prove. It was colonised by the Romans and then was dominated  […]

Centro Storico

It is dominated by the impressive medieval tower renovated in 1854 and recently dedicated to the Museum of Ancient Weapons, with a vast collection which also contains items coming from  […]

Centro storico

The name of the village derives from the Latin Aqua nigra, which refers to the waters of the river Chiese. In the historic centre we find the parish church inside  […]

Centro storico

In the historic centre of Gazzuolowe can admire the Gonzaga arcades which Ludovico Gonzaga had built at the beginning of the Sixteenth century. It is composed of thirty arches supported  […]

Centro storico

Legendhas it that the origins of this village can be traced back to the victory of Caius Mario on the Cimbri. It is certain that the Romans took control of  […]

Centro storico

Not to be missed at Casalromano are the religious buildings such as the eighteenth century parish church dedicated to Saint John the Apostle and Evangelist, with its impressive two-level façade.  […]


The current village has Roman origins, when it was known as Calianum. Its fortification dates back to the l X Century. It was placed under the jurisdiction of the Monastery  […]

Cingia de' Botti

The first mention of "Cingla" dates back to a deed of the XI century, where the name of the village appeared together with those of the nearby villages of  […]

Commessaggio – town centre

It once marked the eastern border of the Gonzaga domain, the reason why in 1583 Duke Vespasiano had an impressive Tower built on it, which, with its 28 metres ending  […]

Corte de' Frati

No reliable information exists about the origins of the place. Probably the area was reclaimed by the Romans, as traces of their presence and the toponomy of the area suggest.

CĂ  d'Andrea

The first time the village was mentioned in history dates back to 1253 when its name appeared in a notarial deed on the lands owned by the Olivetani brothers. In  […]


Derovere, known in ancient times as De' Rovere, has very ancient origins. During Napoleonic times, the municipality was taken over and regained its autonomy in 1816with establishment of the Lombardy-Venetian  […]

Dosolo – town centre

Worthy of note is the fifteenth century parish church of the town, dedicated to the saints Gervasio and Protasio, the primitive appearance of which was changed by the restoration project  […]


The village is located in the flood-bed area of the river Oglio. Its vicinity to the river has characterised the history of the area, inhabited since prehistoric times by a  […]

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