Historical centres


The municipality of Gabbioneta-Binanuova was founded in 1928 from the merging of two villages located on the right bank of the river Oglio. In Gabbionetathere is a castle dating back  […]

Gussola, town centre

The village lays in a strategic place on the river bank, and was often a cause of military quarrels among several factions. The VIII century Santa Maria church, hosting some  […]

Isola Dovarese - Historic center

The scenographic piazza Matteotti (1587) is owed to the historic presence of the Lords of Mantua and was created by Giulio Brunelli on the site of the ancient piazza d’Armi […]

Marcaria - town centre

The Municipality of Marcaria is the second largest, in terms of how far it extends, in the province of Mantua (9970 hectares) and is situated on the lowland to the  […]

Martignana Po, town centre


The ancient S. Stefano parish church, rebuilt in neo-classical style in XIX century, hosts interesting paintings, such as the “Lady with the Child” and the “Three saints” […]

Motta Baluffi, town centre

You may want to have a look, among the rest, to the town hall, a late XIX century building reminding XV century Lombard architecture, and St. Cataldo parish church  […]

Ostiano, town centre

Only a part of the walls and two towers remain from the 1519 AD castle, as an important evidence of Gonzagas' domination. The XVI century single-naved S. Michele parish church  […]

Pessina Cremonese, town centre

Pessina has two sacred buildings: the XVIII century S. Giorgio parish church by T. Venturini, and S. Antonio Abate oratory, built in XIV century and later renovated. A nice excursion  […]

Piadena, town centre

Its past make Piadena a charming historical and cultural stage. Several findings from different ages are actually preserved in the local museums, such as the Archaeological Museum, housed in the  […]

Piazza XXIII Aprile

When Carlo II Gonzaga, Prince of Bozzolo, San Martino dall'Argine and Marcaria died in 1555, Pomponesco was passed to his youngest child, Giulio Cesare Gonzaga.
His arrival in 1579  […]

Pomponesco – town centre

The orthogonal layout of the streets reflects the town-planning project by  Giulio Cesare Gonzaga at the end of the XVI century, which included the building of a pentagonal castle surrounded  […]

Rivarolo Mantovano - town centre

The totally Renaissance charm of this village is due to the work of Vespasiano Gonzaga, a young duke from nearby Sabbioneta, who had the entire historic centre transformed into a  […]

Rivarolo del Re ed Uniti, town centre

Villa La Todeschina and S. Zenone parish church are its most interesting buildings. The latter, built in XVIII century, has a frescoed façade depicting St. Zenon, and hosts a "Madonna"  […]

Sabbioneta – Historic center

Sabbioneta is located on the southwestern limit line of the Mantua area. The star-shaped city is surrounded by medieval walls and maintains the classic style that Vespasiano Gonzaga gave to it.  […]

San Daniele Po, town centre

You may want to pay a visit to neo-Gothic S. Daniele church and XVII century Sommo con Porto church, standing the flood plain. Still, the Palaeontological Museum hosts interesting minerals,  […]

San Giovanni in Croce, il centro storico

It is here that we find the amazing Villa Medici del Vascello, built in 1407 by the powerful Fondulo family on top of the ruins of an old castle, now  […]

San Martino dall’Argine - town centre

The magnificent piazza del Castello, surrounded by arcades, confirms the image of San Martino as a village deriving from a court of the Gonzaga family. On the Square we find  […]

San Martino del Lago, town centre


S. Agata parish church, planned by Luigi Voghera in late XVIII century, is the most interesting artistic element in the village. The interiors are animated by 8  […]

Scandolara Ravara, Historic center

Already inhabited in Roman times, as proven by some important finds discovered in the area; particularly interesting is the Gothic Old Church, with its frescoes dating back to the beginning  […]

Solarolo Rainerio, town centre

The ancient S. Stefano parish church, rebuilt in neo-classical style in XIX century, hosts interesting paintings, such as the “Lady with the Child” and the “Three saints” by Galeazzo Campi  […]