Cultural Heritage

Church Assunzione della Beata Vergine Maria

This parish church is the work of Giovanni Maria Borsotto from Ticino, who was also responsible for the imposing bell-tower, built approximately 20 years later. […]

Commessaggio pontoon bridge

The pontoon bridge was an initiative of the local population, which contributed manual labour and helped finance the purchase of the materials.

Opposite the bridge across the Canal Navarolo stands the  […]

"Paola e Giuseppe Bescapè" Photography Museum

The Museum of Photography of Cavenago d’Adda retraces the
history of photography in the Lodigiano territory; it is dedicated
to Paola and Giuseppe Bescapè and is placed on the first  […]

'Francesco Gonzaga' Diocesan Museum, Mantua

Mantua Diocesan Museum is in Piazza Virgiliana, in the cloister of former Sant’Agnese monastery.

During XIV century, the followers of the Mantuan Blessed Giovanni Bono (1168-1249) founded in his town, just  […]

'Francioli Nuvolari' museum

In the 1960s, Mr Ugo Francioli arranged the documents kept in his Villimpenta home and relating to two of his illustrious ancestors: Giovanni Nuvolari and Carlo Francioli, leading figures of  […]

'Goffredo Bellini' town museum

An archaeology, history and art museum created by Cavaliere Goffredo Bellini, 1870-1947, a collector from Asola. The collection, enlarged by generous bequests from his fellow townspeople, includes a vast array  […]

Abbadia Cerreto, SS Peter and Paul Abbey

Built by Cistercian monks over pre-existing foundations in 1084, it stands out as an example of Lombard Cistercian architecture and marks the shift from the Romanic style to the Gothic  […]

Acerbi Egyptian collection

Between the late 1820s and early 1830s, the illustrious local citizen and Austrian Consul in Egypt, Giuseppe Acerbi, managed to amass this significant collection of archaeological materials. In 1840, he  […]

Acquario del Po

On 6th June 2004 the Aquarium of the Po river was inaugurated in Motta Baluffi in the lower territory of Cremona.

The project was co-financed by the European Union and by  […]

Adda Sud Natural Park

The main purpose of the park is to retain the balance between human presence and anthropic activities, in order to preserve the natural environment, the landscape and the culture that  […]

Agricultural Museum

The Agricultural Museum is based inside the former Convent of the
Order of Mary’s Servants, inside the cellars under the present parish
The collection was started in January 1996  […]

Ala Ponzone City Museum

Since 1928, the Museum has been located in Palazzo Affaitati, ancient residence of a family who had important European trade connections. The remarkable 16th century architecture was integrated by major  […]

Aldegatti Palace

The residence of the noble family of the same name, this mansion took on its present form in the second half of the 16C. It has a majestic facade with  […]

Alto Mantovano Archaeological Museum

This museum has a vast exhibition area, spread over 11 rooms and its modern amenities and facilities allow it to conduct an intense educational activity, publishing and research programme.

The museum  […]

Ancient Jewish Cemetery

The site of the old Jewish cemetery of Gradaro is currently a military zone and inaccessible but ownership is being passed to the local council, which plans to renovate it  […]

Andreas Hofer Monument, Mantua

Andreas Hofer (San Leonardo in Passiria, 22 November 1767 - Mantua, 20 February 1810) was an innkeeper and a horse dealer, then a Tyrolean patriot against French occupying force.
In  […]

Antegnati Organ in the Church of Santa Barbara

Built by the renowned Graziadio Antegnati in 1565, this old and famed instrument is in a space with a choir, ‘in cornu epistulae’, to the right of the entrance to  […]

Archaeological city museum, Pegognaga

The Roman finds in this museum come from an archaeological site near the parish church of San Lorenzo, dating from the times of Matilda of Tuscany, and prove the existence  […]

Ardietti fort

This was based on the drawings for the Kaiserin Elisabeth fort (Forte San Michele), presumed to have been produced by Tunkler. After an initial design developed in 1853, the construction  […]

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