Cultural Heritage

Chiavicone di Bondanello

The Bondanello sluice gate is the oldest construction in the hydraulic system in the Province of Mantua south of the River Po.

The present building was erected in 1954 to replace  […]

Church Annunciazione della Beata Vergine Maria

Attributed to Giovanni Maria Borsotto and erected in 1756-1776, this was the church of the Carmelitan fathers, as confirmed by the statue of St Albert on the second altar on  […]

Church Assunzione della Beata Vergine Maria

The church has a wonderful 15C fresco cycle that has recently been restored and occupies the whole counter-facade. At the opposite end, the balustrade and main altar have some remarkable  […]

Church Assunzione della Beata Vergine Maria

This church was designed by Paolo Soratini from Lonato in the first half of the 18C but remains of earlier International Gothic walls can still be seen in the late  […]

Church Assunzione della Beata Vergine Maria, Pieve di Coriano

As stated in a XVI century plaque on its façade, they believe that the church was built on the orders of countess Matilda of Tuscany. Actually, it was already there  […]

Church Natività della Beata Vergine Maria

The current building dates from 1768. In 1837, the architect Giovanni Battista Vergani renovated the facade, a fact celebrated in the presence of Bishop Bellè.

The interior has paintings by the  […]

Church Natività della Beata Vergine Maria

The parish of Soave lies approximately 10km northwest of Mantua, in the extreme west of the Porto area. Spread over approximately 1,500 hectares, it is circumscribed to the southwest by  […]

Church Santissima Trinità

This church formerly belonged to monks of the Olivetan order but is now home to the Servites.

Although plain on the outside, the interior of the monastery is decorated with 16C  […]

Church Santissima Trinità, Bozzolo

In late XVI century the Holy Trinity Confraternity promoted the building of this church, in the new quarter created on the orders of Giulio Cesare and Scipione Gonzaga.
The  […]

Church Santissimo Nome di Maria

This parish church replaced the Matildic parish church of Santa Maria Alba in the 18C. Paintings include a series on the Stations of the Cross and the Mysteries of the  […]

Church of Beata Vergine Maria Assunta and St. Andrea Apostolo

ebuilding commenced in 1472 over a smaller 14C Gothic church. It was completed by the architect Guglielmo Cremonese in 1514. Treasures conserved in the cathedral include a 16C organ by  […]

Church of Beata Vergine Maria and St Urbano pope and martyr

The present parish church dates from 1840, whereas the surviving bell-tower is of the 15C.

It is Neoclassical with a Greek-cross plan and has a fine Serassi organ. […]

Church of Cristo Redentore

Built in 1979, this is dedicated to Jesus Christ the Redeemer of Mankind, in memory of Pope John Paul II’s first encyclical.

Set in a central space with several other public  […]

Church of Maria Madre della Chiesa

The Belvedere-Fontane centre was conceived as an evangelisation and gathering place; it includes a chapel hall, several rooms and the keeper's house.

Still, it hosts a precious willow wood organ by  […]

Church of Ognissanti, Mantua

Some historians say that Ognissanti – id est All Saints – church was built on the orders of Matilda of Tuscany in 1080, and that the countess later gave it  […]

Church of Our Lady of the Earthquake

The oratory of the Madonna del Terremoto or of the Canossa is a small religious construction that is the finishing touch to the beautiful Piazza Canossa. Its construction was inspired  […]

Church of Peace

This Church was built as a mark of gratitude for the gift of peace which was obtained after a miraculous event that took place during the time of fights between  […]

Church of Saint Anthony Abbot

The church presents itself with the restored original form, formerly hidden by a 18th century intervention, and it is preceded by a monument to Don Enrico Tazzoli,  […]

Church of Sant'Abbondio

In 1624, the noble jurist G. Pietro Ala from Cremona commissioned, next to the church, on the area where once was a graveyard, the chapel called Loreto Sanctuary, as it  […]

Church of Sant'Agata

As a matter of fact at the end of the XV century the building was entirely renovated on the project B. De Lera and this phase of the monument still  […]

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