Religious building

Church of St Celestino I pope

As early as 1037, a church dedicated to Pope St Celestine, of which no trace remains, stood at Pietole in a hamlet that once existed by the River Mincio.

The rediscovery  […]

Church of St Erasmo and Agostino

This parish church was built in 1756 and completed in 1805 to 18C baroque models and has decorative similarities to Sant’Andrea in Mantua. The bell-tower, in a Lombard Gothic style  […]

Church of St Fabiano and Sebastiano

The Church of Saints Fabian and Sebastian dates back to the XVI century.

It is also called 'Chiesa dei Frati' ('Church of the Friars') because it was formerly attached tothe monastery  […]

Church of St Felicita and Sette Fratelli Martiri

Already present in the 14C and rebuilt from 1339 on by bishop Gotifredo of Mantua, this church features three large windows on the facade. Inside, it has three aisles and  […]

Church of St Filippo and Giacomo

The parish church was built in about 1695. The then parish priest, Father Giacinto Cagnoli, abandoned the dilapidated church that stood at the Torri and built this one.

Recently cleaned inside,  […]

Church of St Francesco

Built between 1604 and 1606 by Giulio Cesare Gonzaga, first Prince of Bozzolo, and intended as a palatine chapel and his own mausoleum. It is the work of the architect  […]

Church of St Francesco di Assisi

This parish church has a long, troubled history. Built in 1487 as an oratory, it was rebuilt and enlarged in 1671.

During WWII it was extensively damaged by Allied air raids  […]

Church of St Gervasio and Protasio Martyrs

This church has extremely old roots although the present construction can be dated to between 1730 and 1741, the time of its radical refurbishment by Paolo Soratini from Camoldoli in  […]

Church of St Gervasio and Protasio, Mantua

Nearby via Trento, you can still see the XII century Romanesque bell tower and Romanesque and Renaissance remains on the church side wall. The neoclassical façade (1836) was designed by  […]

Church of St Giacomo Maggiore

The parish church was built in 1790, also on the riverbank. As early as the Middle Ages, Bonizzo had its own place of worship but, as if the River Po  […]

Church of St Giacomo Maggiore

This parish church is by Giovanni Maria Borsotto and dates from 1738.

The richly ornamental interior conserves the 16C funeral monument of Giovanni Battista Cavallara, physician and friend of Torquato Tasso,  […]

Church of St Giacomo Maggiore

The church is located on the site where the ancient parish church had stood since 1444, built on land belonging to the Marchese Francesco Aldegatti.

The structure underwent several restoration works.  […]

Church of St Giorgio Martire

A portico runs around this modern church with a circular plan. Large windows draw light inside, some with stained glass and the work of the priest Father Renato Laffranchi from  […]

Church of St Giorgio martyr

This imposing church standing on the main Cisa road is of clearly neo-16C inspiration. Built to a design by Veronese architect Paolo Pozzo, it was completed in 1798. The Saint’s  […]

Church of St Giorgio martyr

A record dating from 1045 lists parish churches in the episcopate of Mantua and these include Castellucchio. The construction of a new church was commenced in 1632 along the main  […]

Church of St Giovanni Battista

The church is built on the site of an ancient oratory and has a nave, two side-chapels and a bell-tower, a sacristy and a priest’s house, all dating from the  […]

Church of St Giovanni Battista

The present parish church was inaugurated in 1863 but recent restoration work has uncovered traces of an early Romanesque church facing east-west that was partially restructured between the late 16C  […]

Church of St Giovanni Battista

Consecrated in 1550, this was completely rebuilt in 1788 following damage caused by a violent hurricane. Situated on the riverbank in the hamlet of Bonizzo, it conserves a precious painting  […]

Church of St Girolamo

The parish church is dedicated to St Jerome, priest and Doctor of the Church. It was built from scratch by Duke Guglielmo Gonzaga, on the site of an old tower  […]

Church of St Giulia virgin and martyr

In mediaeval times, the parish church in the hamlet of Cividale Mantovano belonged to the local monasteries. Rebuilt in the 16C, as attested by a foundation stone of 1578 and  […]

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