Parks and nature

Banks of the River Essere

The river rises in the Roverbella area, at Castiglione Mantovano. It was first named in 1208 after the Latin verbs esse et exire, or gushing from the land. 

At Castelbelforte, the  […]

Bertone Park Centre

(Municipality of Goito)
Open from the beginning of March to the end of October, every year, for the holiday and festivities, the Centro Parco Bertone is also open to  […]

Bosco Isola Uccellanda Natural Reserve

Riparian woods and oxbow lakes rich in rare flora species and interesting fauna.

Admission free

Bosco Marisca Natural Reserve

Riparian woods and oxbow lakes rich in rare flora species and interesting fauna.

Admission free […]

Bosco Ronchetti Natural Reserve

The reserve protects a section of holm holding the last specimen of wood vegetation made up of mixed oak wood.
Here you can also find marshes, with herbaceous border plants  […]

Bosco della Fontana state nature reserve

A biogenetic nature reserve since 1976, Bosco della Fontana is an almost flat square of woodland with sides measuring approximately 1.5 km. Almost in the middle of the forest is  […]

Bosco didattico

The Educational Wood is comprised in the experimental station for the preservation of the flora on the plain; it was established by the province of Cremona and Regione Lombardia (Lombardy  […]

Camairago, Tenuta Boscone Park

The Tenuta del Boscone natural reserve takes its name from the thick forest that surrounds it; it stands as a rare example of Natural Po plain environment, absolutely unpolluted. It  […]

Castellaro Morainic complex nature reserve

A nature reserve in the rolling hills above Lake Garda featuring perfect examples of all the typical features of moraines: small depressions with bogs and marshes, and a lake with  […]

Foresta Demaniale Carpaneta

A newly formed woodland spread over approximately 50 hectares in the Bigarello area, consisting in a recreated and natural biogenetic wood and an educational-recreation area featuring four spaces inspired by  […]

Garzaia di Pomponesco natural reserve

This reserve was established in 1988 as a partially zoological nature reserve and is spread over 96 hectares, divided into a 62-hectare reserve proper and a 34-hectare buffer zone. The  […]

Golena di Sant`Alberto

A vast flood-bed area where poplars are grown, located on the left bank of the river Oglio, in the Municipality of Marcaria, forms the visible track of an ancient meander  […]

Golene Foce Secchia park (PLIS)

Spread over approximately 1,200 hectares, this park comprises the floodbanks of the final stretch of the River Secchia to its confluence in the River Po.

Apart from natural habitats, the park  […]

I Lagazzi

The wet land is located along a channel of the river Oglio now abandoned and is characterised by a hygrophilous wood flanked by cane thickets. Remains of lake-dwellers dating back  […]

Lanca di Gerole

The nature reserve protects a section of the flood bed opened with old channels abandoned by the river (the oxbow lakes), filled with riverbank vegetation and a fair amount of  […]

Lanche di Runate e Giarre Gavazzi

The oxbow-lakes of Runate andGerra Gavazzi are located on the left bank of the river Oglio and form two small nature reserves within a landscape strongly modelled by human activities.

Areas  […]

Lancone di Gussola

Oasis protecting the fauna established by the Province of Cremona and managed by the LIPUsince 1999. The heart of the oasis is composed of a large wetland, surrounded by can  […]

Le Margherite Oasis in San Daniele Po

This green area – established by the joint action of the City and the Province of Cremona – is an example of a pristine Po environment, rich in fauna, flora  […]

Le Margonare ecological oasis

The ecological oasis is part of the Belforte Peat bog, an area reclaimed by the building of a thick network of drainage canals, which today have a high naturalistic value.  […]

Manico di Paiolo

A natural Po floodplain, reclaimed and now used for sustainable tourism and educational activities. The site has shelters and panels with information about the environment and river. […]

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