Cultural Heritage

Commessaggio pontoon bridge

The pontoon bridge was an initiative of the local population, which contributed manual labour and helped finance the purchase of the materials.

Opposite the bridge across the Canal Navarolo stands the  […]

Aldegatti Palace

The residence of the noble family of the same name, this mansion took on its present form in the second half of the 16C. It has a majestic facade with  […]

Andreas Hofer Monument, Mantua

Andreas Hofer (San Leonardo in Passiria, 22 November 1767 - Mantua, 20 February 1810) was an innkeeper and a horse dealer, then a Tyrolean patriot against French occupying force.
In  […]

Antegnati Organ in the Church of Santa Barbara

Built by the renowned Graziadio Antegnati in 1565, this old and famed instrument is in a space with a choir, ‘in cornu epistulae’, to the right of the entrance to  […]

Ardietti fort

This was based on the drawings for the Kaiserin Elisabeth fort (Forte San Michele), presumed to have been produced by Tunkler. After an initial design developed in 1853, the construction  […]

Bell of Commessaggio town tower

The bell of the Torre Civica is currently in the tower of Palazzo Municipale. As far as it is known, this is the only bell of the many cast for  […]

Bianchi Palace

Two large telamons flank the entrance of this mansion, constructed in the mid-18C for the Marchese Bianchi, who enriched it with a spectacular staircase and frescoes by Giuseppe Bazzani. After  […]

Bonacolsi Palace

Today’s Palazzo Castiglioni, from the name of the family who bought it in the 19th century, the palace was first attributed to the Bonacolsi, who were the first lords of  […]

Bonifica di Revere pumping station

The pumping station was completed in 1926 as part of the Revere reclamation project.

Its purpose was to drain water from the Oltrepò areas to the right of the River Secchia

Borgoforte fort

Also called Forte Centrale or Forte Magnaguti, this was built in 1859, along with Forte Noyon in Motteggiana, on the right bank of the River Po, and the Rocchetta and  […]

Borromeo Palace

This is the old Mantua residence of the Milanese family to which St Carlo Borromeo belonged. As commemorated in words above the entrance, he stayed here on several occasions. To  […]

Botte San Prospero

A ‘botte’ is a hydraulic term to allow the junction of two watercourses.

In this particular case, the Botte San Prospero (1923) was built as part of the Parmigiana-Moglia land reclamation  […]

Cage tower, Mantua

Torre della Gabbia – the cage tower – is Mantua's highest tower; it stands out on Palazzo Acerbi. In 1576 duke Guglielmo Gonzaga put a great iron cage outside the  […]

Canossa Palace

The building, which was the residence of the Marquises of Canossa, was erected in the 17th century. The ashlared façade, enriched with stucco panels, shows windows and frame decorations and  […]

Carmelite Cloisters

Mantua records the Carmelite presence as far back as 1316 and their former convent (1444) is now the seat of the Intendenza di Finanza in Via Pomponazzo.

The Order left the  […]

Cartiera Burgo

The Burgo paper mill, a mature work by Pier Luigi Nervi, features an elegant bridge structure that is reflected in the waters of the Mantua lakes. It is one of  […]

Casa del dopolavoro

Previously a school building, this was converted to a Rationalist ‘Casa del Regime’ by the engineer Demetrio Palvarini in the late 1930s and then, again, to a workers’ recreational circle  […]

Casa del pretore

Standing on the corner of Via Botturi and Via IV Novembre, the Casa del Pretore dates from the 17C. Initially the local magistrate’s residence, it was converted to a kindergarten  […]

Casalmaggiore – Garibaldi Square (Piazza Garibaldi)

Designed in the 17th century, it was originally made of beaten earth. In 1813 was paved thanks to a testamentary bequest left by nobleman Leopoldo Molossi, and obtained the current appearance. […]

Casalpusterlengo, Villa Biancardi

On the area of a pre-existing castle Serafino Biancardi commissioned Villa Biancardi; this is why it is also known as "Zorlesco castle”. The building works began in 1911 and the  […]

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