Picnic area

Area Sosta Pugnolo

The village of Cella Dati […]

Area sosta sul Mella

The village of Vighizzolo is 1.94 km from the same town of Cappella de 'Picenardi of which it forms part […]

Stop-off - Bozzolo

Pic-nic area located in C.na Tezzoglio, alongside the left bench of the River, close to the confluence of the Delmona channel. Provides a good amount of shade, pic-nic tables and benches, information panel.  […]

Stop-off - Canneto sull'Oglio

Two rest areas located in the surroundings of an old mill.  […]

Stop-off - Carzaghetto

Located just before the entrance to the nature reserve of Lanche Runate and Gerre Gavazzi; descriptive panel of natural resources. […]

Stop-off - Casalmaggiore

Pic-nic area in Lido Po, equipped with benches and tables near trees.  […]

Stop-off - Colombara

Benches and pic-nic tables located near the Chiavica Palazzone.  […]

Stop-off - Commessaggio

Equipped area located near the Gonzaga Tower (Torrazzo Gonzaghesco). It offers a bike-sharing service, toilets, information point, tables, gazebo and barbecue. […]

Stop-off - Gazzuolo

Pic-nic area equipped with a gazebo, a pic-nic table with benches and a bicycle stand. In the evening the area is well-lighted. […]

Stop-off - Le Margonare

Vast pic-nic area located close to the meeting point of the Oasi Le Margonare. Provides a good shade, benches and pic-nic tables, fountain, barbecue. […]

Stop-off - Martignana

Tables and benches near trees.  […]

Stop-off - Motta Baluffi

Vast covered pic-nic area for outside meals after a visit to the River Po Aquarium. It is located near the docking area of River Po.  […]

Stop-off - Rivarolo Mantovano

Rest area with information panels, located near the Church of Santa Maria Annunciata. Under construction.  […]

Stop-off - S.Matteo delle Chiaviche

Paved area located near the Ecomuseum, equipped with benches and bicycle stands.  […]

Stop-off - Sabbioneta

Green area with refreshment stand located near the sport fields.  […]

Stop-off - Torre d'Oglio

Pic-nic area located near the bridge of boats of Torre d'Oglio, equipped with wooden platform roof, table, benches and bicycle stands. […]

Stop-off - Viadana

Rest area in Via Al Ponte with green area, river docking, parking area and the seat of "Gruppo Canoe Viadana". […]

Stop-off Castelponzone

Oglio Po area […]

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