• Stefano Mazzotti


Church Natività della Beata Vergine Maria

Phone 0376 300634
Street and number Piazza Roma, 15, Soave
City Porto Mantovano
Country ITA

The parish of Soave lies approximately 10km northwest of Mantua, in the extreme west of the Porto area. Spread over approximately 1,500 hectares, it is circumscribed to the southwest by Lake Superiore and the final stretch of the River Mincio before it flows into the lake.

The entire parish falls within what is today the Parco Del Mincio and comprises the Soave hamlet plus numerous old corti, dotted around the countryside. The presence of a church in the Soave area is recorded in the diploma of Emperor Corrado il Salico, dated 1037, along with the oldest ones of the diocese. The present parish church was built between 1766 and 1769. It has a nave with two small side chapels flanking the main altar.

Inside is an 18C baroque altar of Our Lady and one of St Isidore, the joint-patron saint. The altarpiece (oil on canvas, 300x161cm) portraying the Nativity of Mary (restored in 1989) is attributed to a painter from Giulio Romano’s school of 1530. The organ above the doorway was built by F. Montesanti in 1838-1839 and is still in use.