• Stefano Mazzotti


Ardietti fort

Street and number territorio comunale
City Ponti sul Mincio
Country ITA

This was based on the drawings for the Kaiserin Elisabeth fort (Forte San Michele), presumed to have been produced by Tunkler. After an initial design developed in 1853, the construction of the fort commenced in 1856-1857. Interrupted by the 1859 campaign, all that was completed were the earthworks, the ‘alla Carnot’ wall with caponiers and two sections of rear walls. Work was resumed in 1860 and the fort completed with the construction of a large redoubt, slightly different from the original design.

The fort is perfectly conserved in all details as, until recently, it served as a military munitions depot. For some years, it has been owned by the Ponti sul Mincio council and managed by a group of volunteers, which has cleared vegetation from all the interior areas and repaired the structures.