1 - From the confluence of the Oglio and the Po

Start node info Viadana, Piazza del Comune
End node info Viadana, Piazza del Comune
Total length 51.5 km
Category 1-From the confluence of the Oglio and the Po
Suggested type of bycicle Hybrid
Cycle time 02:45 (hh:min)
Uphill 39 m
Downhill 38 m
Max height 31 m
Difficulty by cycle Medium
Coated 82 %
Offroad 17 %
Mountain track 1 %
Cyclability 100 %
On cycle road 35 %

For a long stretch, the route follows the embankment of the Po river, going through small agricultural towns, whose charm stems from the architectural works built during the Renaissance by the illustrious rulers of Mantua. In these quiet towns, the Gonzagas had established their princely courts, and the pride still survives in the arcade streets, in the towers and in the surviving city walls. Nowadays, even in the farmhouses and rural areas you can still feel the atmosphere of the past. After the confluence of the two rivers, follow the Oglio upstream on its right bank, immersing yourself in a river landscape typical of the Po Valley, rich in wetlands, harbouring a wide variety of indigenous flora and fauna.

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